Here is how to order this book:


Putt Riddle P.O. Box 225 Groesbeck,Texas 76642 or online at CreateSpace,Amazon and Kindle

$20.00 per copy

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Let us say this as a commentary concerning our last post. Our goal for close to 40 years of following the Plano Wildcats is to see them do well and win. Bottom line.

Unlike coaches who come and go and who’s loyalties are to who ever is paying them at the time we only follow one other high school team, the Arroyo Knights of El Monte Calif where we went to high school and played over 50 years ago.

This site is funded by the editor. No moneys are received from outside sources nor asked for or will ever be accepted.

So do we have an axe to grind. You bet we do. We want the Plano Wildcats to reclaims it’s spot as an elite team in the state of Texas.

That said. The record over the last 7 years for Plano has not been even close to the standards expected of the school with the third highest winning record in the state.

So PlanoFootball.Com will continue to post asking why Plano is willing to settle for such a sad state of affairs with this once great program.


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Wildcats honored in new book

The tradition rich PLANO WILDCATS have been honored by being included in an outstanding new book called FRIDAY’S WINNERS.

The author Mr. Putt Riddle has published the book detailing the top 12 winningest high school teams in the state of Texas. Our own Wildcats are number 3 all time on his list.

The book includes several chapters about the Wildcats and their SEVEN state titles. Many of the outstanding former coaches were interviewed along with long time fan Smitty Minton and former player Scooter Asel.

This is a must read for all Wildcat fans.

Mr. Riddle will be selling the book at the spring games of many of the featured teams for those interested in obtaining a copy. His request to set up a display and offer fans a chance to see and buy the book at the Plano spring game was denied by the Plano Head Football Coach so the book honoring the long time winning tradition of Plano Wildcat football will not be available in Plano this spring.

The book is certainly inspirational so much so that several head coaches of other schools included in the book that have spring practice asked the author to be at their spring games. They want their youngsters to know about their long held winning tradition. Most coaches don’t run from their schools winning past out of fear they haven’t or can’t live up to the high standards previous teams and coaches have set. They themselves set high standards of winning and embrace all positive traditions from their schools past. Those coaches continue to add to their schools winning ways and welcome positive inputs that reflects positively on their program. Of course not every coach feels that way just as not every coach is a winner.

While Plano Football.Com has no vested interest in this book we have purchased a copy and found it to be very informative. If anyone needs info on securing a copy of the book we would be happy to forward the information to the author




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Neema Behbahani named player of the week

Wildcat Senior linebacker Neema Behbahani was named by the Dallas Morning News as this past weeks defensive player of the week. Neema’s outstanding play helped the Wildcats to a crucial 41-7 win over Flower Mound Marcus to clinch a spot in the Class 6A Division II playoffs. He had another strong performance which included 9 tackles, 2 assists, 1 QB pressure, fumble recovery on the first play that led to a score.
Our hats off to this fine Wildcat and to his entire group of teammates as they continue their march towards greatness.


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Plano secured their 3rd straight trip to the state playoffs with a win over Flower Mound Marcus 41-7 Thursday night at Clark Stadium. It marked the return of starting QB Brooks Panhan who suffered a broken lower leg back in August in the first game vs. John Tyler. He did not look like he had missed a snap as he was smooth as silk in guiding the Wildcats to a quick 21-0 lead and to finish at half up 34-7. Panhans was 11-15 in passing and ran the ball with confidence to aid the strong rushing attack. Plano touchdowns were by the following players: Brandon Stephens (2),Lopaka Yoro (2),Panhans (1),Matt Kirchner (1)  Kirchner also had 4 receptions for 97 yards.

With the powerful offensive display Plano also had their most impressive defensive game of the season. They held Marcus to only 7 first downs and under 125 yards total. If you don’t think those totals are impressive look tomorrow morning at the numbers Allen and West put up in their game. The Widlcats defense was led by #4 Neema Behbahani,#82 Sam Tecklenbug,#5 TJ Lee,#7 Daejon Howard who had an interception in the game, #10 Jason Lee,#9 Colton Pasateri,#34 Connor Welch,#38 Brandon Wahle,#26 Aaron Ragas,#43 Tucker Pollacia  and of course their leader during the first 6 games of this season #3 Mr. Cody Farhat. This group has been outstanding all season long.

Plano has one more regular season game next Friday at Lewisville and then will play Denton Guyer in a bi-district match up at a place and time to be announced.

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Outlook for playoffs

With the bye week upon the Wildcats lets looks at the current outlook for them making the playoffs.

Lets remember there are 4 spots available with Allen assured of one, that leaves three to content with. Even though Plano has beaten West the Wolves appear in a position to nap the second spot. Leaving two. It also appears that Boyd who beat Plano for the third straight time will gather the 3rd spot. Leaving both Plano and Flower Mound Marcus contenting for the final spot.

The Wildcat meet Marcus at John Clark Stadium on Thursday October 30 for what will be for the final playoff spot. While it will be Marcus’ final game of the regular season Plano have one more game to play vs. Lewisville there the following week. Currently Plano and Marcus are tied at 4-2 in district and both also are 5-3 for their seasonal record. Over the last 4 meetings between Plano and Marcus the Marauders own an impressive 3-1 mark.

This years Wildcat team is still a very talented group. They play with lots of heart and fight however they need fan surppot and that is where we come in.

Wildcat parents and fans need to pack John Clark Staduim and lend their strong support to the talented and hard charging Wildcat group as they play this important game. Fans support can chance the outcome. In 1985 the Widlcats went into a game like this against Lewisville needing a win.The game was over there and the Wildcat fans packed the house. The famous Wildcat “#1 sign” we have seen at all games for close to 30 years was introduced that night and Plano beat a superior Farmers team. The players won it but fan support was a big help. Fan support can make a difference. BTW the following year  in 1986 at the East game the “Cat Paws” were introduced. Plano crushed East that night and went on to win another state title later in December.

If you want memories make ‘em happen and overcome short coming that have held us back. No excuses.

For more Wildcat history to inspire you come to the site where those that post here were there to live and breath the success past Wildcats teams enjoyed. We saw winners walk with pride as PLANO WILDCATS.



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